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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most
about AbleFinder. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please get in touch!

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Can I connect to the same person more than once?

AbleFinder is programmed to prioritise matches with people you haven’t had the chance to chat with yet. How successful that is depends on a couple of things, including the number of potential matches (i.e., how big your parent community is), how many of them are online, and the speed at which your chat request is accepted. In most cases, you will not connect with the same person more than once, unless you choose to save them to your AbleFinder contacts list.

Is AbleFinder completely anonymous?

Relatively speaking. From your AbleFinder profile, your chat partners will be able to see your first name, Facebook profile photo, country that you’re in, and selection of age group and diagnosis, everything else is kept private and hidden. Unless you live in a small town and connect with your neighbour, you can be confident of your anonymity.

Does AbleFinder save my chat conversations?

Yes, AbleFinder de-identifies and then securely stores you chats for a very a good reason. In the event that a conversation is reported for inappropriate behaviour or safety concern, our team needs to be able to investigate and respond accordingly.

Am I really chatting with other parents just like me?

AbleFinder uses clever technology to connect you with other parents whose AbleFinder profiles most closely match yours. This means that you can expect to be matched with someone whose child has the same diagnosis, is of a similar age, and ideally in the same city. Of course, if you want to connect with parents with a broader experience, you can always update your profile.

Can I be totally open and honest?

AbleFinder enables you to connect privately and anonymously with other parents on similar journeys. To get the most out of your experience, we suggest being as open and honest as you feel comfortable being! That way, you can start building a network of people you have a real connection with, and whose advice and encouragement you trust.

Will I be judged for what I might say?

We encourage our community members to be open and honest, which means that your chat partner might not always agree with what you say. We’re all for healthy discussion but take bullying very seriously! Chats reported for inappropriate behaviour or safety concerns are investigated by our team and responded to accordingly.

Do I have to accept every chat request?

Not at all! AbleFinder is designed to work in and around your lifestyle. If you get a chat request but don’t have time to chat, just select “Not Available”. That way, AbleFinder will know to pass on the request to other appropriately matched community members.

How long do the conversations last?

That’s completely up to you! If you or you chat partner stops responding, AbleFinder will end the conversation after 30 minutes. Otherwise, there is no limit to how long your conversation lasts.

Is translation available?

Right now, AbleFinder only supports English language but we are working on introducing a real-time translation feature so that AbleFinder is accessible in all languages.

If there’s someone I get on well with, can I chat with them again?

Definitely! If you have a great chat, you can choose to save that person to your AbleFinder contact list so that you can easily connect with them again.

Can I talk to parents of children with other diagnoses?

Yes - you can update your profile to include additional diagnoses and age groups. That way, AbleFinder will connect you with other parents who may have a different experience from your own.

Does my child need to have an official diagnosis?

Not at all. In this case we suggest selecting one or more diagnoses that have similar presentations to what your child is experiencing. You can always update these later.